If you’ve never tried a Bison Burger, you really have no idea what you’re missing. Ok, agreed, it’s not your everyday run of the mill red meat, but in the big scheme of things I could argue it’s more common than say alligator or rattlesnake meat!

Actually, the popularity of meals including bison is definitely on the rise, and rightfully so. Our society is overflowing with carnivores who love juicy burgers and steak. There is also a rising number of consumers who religiously read food labels, only interested in consuming healthy and natural foods. This is where bison comes in!

Bison just may be the healthiest and safest red meat available, reason being, they are left to graze on their own, not being handled as frequently as cattle. This results in a more natural environment, which makes the meat very tender.  Also, no growth hormones are used, which is always something to consider when it comes to what you eat.   Add to this, the National Bison Association states the following:

As you can see, Bison actually has less fat and calories than even chicken!  Who would have thought???

BnD’z offers an incredible Bison Burger, a huge 8 oz patty cooked to taste with your choice of buns, cheeses, seasoning and sauces. Since these delicacies have been added to our menu of great burgers, hot dogs and salads it has consistently become our most popular offering. Seems Pittsburgers aren’t afraid of trying something different, especially when it’s proven to be a healthier alternative!

Next time you’re in South Park, why not shake things up a little bit and stop in and order your own Bison Burger? Maybe you’ll discover like so many others that you’ve found a new favorite meal!

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Aww, Mom, I Don’t Like Vegetables!

As a parent, how often have you heard those words from your children? Let me ask another question….when you were a youngster, how many times did those words come out of your mouth?  As adults, we’re all aware of the health benefits vegetables offer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we all take advantage of our greens.  Why is that?

Well, my opinion is a majority of this has to do with conditioning.  We remember how healthy foods were a requirement at all of our meals, whether it was from school lunches or to what our parents served us at the dinner table.  Who wouldn’t rather have pizza than broccoli? The funny thing is, as they say, with age comes wisdom.  We even learn to like, maybe even love, foods we steered away from when we were younger. A well made fresh salad can be even more delicious than pasta!

Vegetarian diets offer several benefits: lower intake of saturated fat, less cholesterol, higher intake of fiber as well as more vitamins and complex carbohydrates.  Plus, vegetables are grown from the earth!  They’ve been around forever, unlike The McRib!

Speaking of which, a well made Veggie Burger can be a masterpiece to behold, often tasting better than it’s meat filled equivalent (at least here at BandD’z!)  Healthy eating, specifically the vegetarian lifestyle, doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless.  Next time you have the option of pizza or a chicken parm sandwich, banish those childhood beliefs and consider a healthy vegetarian alternative.  There’s a good chance you may just realize, as is often the case, your parents knew what they were talking about!

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