All I can say is “Wow”! BnD’z hasn’t even been open for business for a year and we’ve been recognized by Urban Spoon as Pittsburgh’s most popular hot dog location. Can you even begin to imagine how proud I was when I was told about this honor late last week? I was actually speechless, it was really an awesome moment!

But, truth be told, this title wasn’t just bestowed upon BnD’z because the powers that be at thought we were a nice family restaurant. I was informed the criteria involved a whole laundry list of items: locations that received the most positive reviews, votes, website page views and media coverage, all from the last year. This tells me one thing, something I’ve been saying since we opened our doors to our first location in South Park……We Have The Best Customers In The City!

It’s a fact that we are truly blessed here at BnD’z. It’s all right there in the Urban Spoon article. Positive reviews? Those come from you, our loyal customers! Votes? I am so humbled that you have actually voted our little Burgerz & Dogz shop the best, it’s just amazing! Website page views? It looks like you actually enjoy checking out the site, possibly even reading my blogs, which is really flattering! Media coverage? Again, wow! You’ve really made BnD’z more successful more quickly than anyone ever could have imagined!

On behalf of my loyal managers Scott Abbey and Chris Miller, my talented staff who consistently impress me on a daily basis with their hard work, as well as myself, we want to say “Thank You!” We know we couldn’t win accolades like this without your continued support, and we’re committed to continue offering you the best selection of fresh burgers, hot dogs and vegetarian options in the ‘Burgh. Your positive feedback and stamp of approval means more than you could possibly imagine. Our promise to you, our loyal friends, is that we will continue to put you first!


Doug Baros

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Your Customers Take Care Of You, You Need To Take Care Of Them

BandD'z Front CardBandD'z Back Card

I was really tired at the end of last week. Things have been hopping at BnD’z all summer and last week was no exception. I found myself running some clerical errands in the South Hills between the lunch and dinner rush and realized I was running on adrenaline, and the tank was getting very low. I pulled in to a well known, relatively local, convenience store to get gas in the car and to get myself some caffeine fuel.

Greeted by the cashier’s smiling face, I told her I only needed the coffee and some gasoline. She responded with “Do you have your loyalty card?” Maybe it was my energy depleted state, but it took me a few seconds to respond. “Uh….no, I don’t have one”. For some reason I felt a little ashamed about this.

“Would you like one?”

Loaded question there! I must have signed up for every rewards program known to man at some point. They’re always falling out of my wallet (never hung from my key chain), have taken up residence in my glove box, or found in the bottom of my washing machine having escaped from a forgotten back pocket. Did I really need another card? Before I could answer my own question, the pleasant clerk proceed to quickly, but politely, explain that not only was every tenth coffee free, I would receive  on future gas purchases as well as be eligible for cardholder-only weekly deals throughout the store.

Why, you ask, did I happily agree for another card? Simple. I frequent this particular chain of stores almost on a weekly basis. I really enjoy their coffee. I need gas in my car at least once a week, and they’ve always had better prices than their competitors. The staff is awesome, and the shop is always immaculate. Basically, I really  the place! That, and the fact that the cashier was able to explain the benefits of being a loyal customer in a speedy, sincere manner. It wasn’t a major life decision, and equated to a real value for me, the customer.

Pumping my gas, sipping my coffee, I thought about the reward card we offer at BandD’z. We implemented the program shortly after opening our first location, offering a free 8oz Beef or Veggie Burger with the purchase of ten. To say it’s been successful is a huge understatement. In fact, I’ve noticed that monthly we have consistently redeemed more and more of these cards. The number keeps growing. What does that really mean? Obviously, we must be doing something right, but more importantly it proves that we are blessed with an extremely loyal client base. Without your patronage, we couldn’t serve the best burgerz and dogz in the ‘Burgh, and for that I want to say “Thank You!”

If you haven’t received your BandD’z Loyalty Card, just stop in and ask! If you haven’t tried any of our delicious, fresh offerings yet, swing by and see what everyone’s talking about. We’re conveniently located in South Park and would love to meet some new friends!

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History Of The Hot Dog

In a past blog, I detailed the mysterious origin of the hamburger, which seems to be constant topic of debate. This go round, let’s open up a whole new Pandora’s box and see if we can shed some light on the origin of the hot dog!

Well, some historians seem to think this delicious meat treat was created in Frankfurt, Germany sometime in the 15th Century, but that is a misconception. Some reports go back to 64 AD when a Roman chef, cooking for Emperor Caesar, decided to stuff ground meat into pig intestines, which apparently went over amazingly well. I don’t know, sounds kind of nasty to me!
Did Caesar Eat The First Hot Dog?

In any case, there is no argument that hot dogs are a close relative of the sausage, which did originate in Germany. In 1805 a popular sausage made up of pork and beef was all the rage in Vienna. In German, this meat mixture was known as Wien, which, you guessed it, evolved into “wiener”.

Ok, so we have these Wien’s, wieners if you rather, that seemed to be a carnivore’s dream taking over Europe. So where does the hot dog come into play? This is where it gets really interesting! Apparently there was a sausage peddler in St. Louis, sometime around 1883. These sausages were extremely messy to eat not to mention very hot. Necessity is the mother of invention so they say, and this vendor, Mr. Antonoine Feuchtwanger, decided to offer his customers white gloves to protect their hands from both the heat and the mess. The problem was these gloves often would just disappear into the crowd either getting thrown away or being kept as a souvenir. These hand protectors weren’t cheap, and caused Mr. Feuchtrwanger to lose a great deal of profit from his efforts. Luckily for him, he had a very creative spouse! Mrs. Feuchtrwanger began placing the sausages into long rolls, solving both the untidy nature of the meal as well as protecting consumers from burns. She dubbed this new sandwich “red hots”.

We’re getting there, as the word “hots” has now entered the language thanks to Mrs. Feuchtrwanger, but how did these meats in a bun become known as hot dogs?  If we flash forward about ten years to 1893, a New York concessionaire, Harry Stevens,was selling these German sausages in rolls at the Polo Grounds.  He called these sandwiches “Dachshunds”.  Legend has it that a New York Post illustrator couldn’t spell the German word Dachshund, so he simply called these treats hot dogs!

Whether you like to call these staples of Baseball and America wieners, frankfurters, sausages or hot dogs, it’s safe to say, wherever they came from, we’ve embraced them as our own.  Here at BandD’z we offer a wide variety of hot dogs served any way you like.  We have the Chicago Dog, The Mac ‘n Cheese Dog, even a Stuffed Cheese and Bacon Dog!  In fact, you can Create Your Own Hot Dog Masterpiece with your choice of bun and a huge array of toppings.  There’s pretty much any combination imaginable here at BandD’z…..oh, except one……we’re all out of pig intestines.

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