If you’ve never tried a Bison Burger, you really have no idea what you’re missing. Ok, agreed, it’s not your everyday run of the mill red meat, but in the big scheme of things I could argue it’s more common than say alligator or rattlesnake meat!

Actually, the popularity of meals including bison is definitely on the rise, and rightfully so. Our society is overflowing with carnivores who love juicy burgers and steak. There is also a rising number of consumers who religiously read food labels, only interested in consuming healthy and natural foods. This is where bison comes in!

Bison just may be the healthiest and safest red meat available, reason being, they are left to graze on their own, not being handled as frequently as cattle. This results in a more natural environment, which makes the meat very tender.  Also, no growth hormones are used, which is always something to consider when it comes to what you eat.   Add to this, the National Bison Association states the following:

As you can see, Bison actually has less fat and calories than even chicken!  Who would have thought???

BnD’z offers an incredible Bison Burger, a huge 8 oz patty cooked to taste with your choice of buns, cheeses, seasoning and sauces. Since these delicacies have been added to our menu of great burgers, hot dogs and salads it has consistently become our most popular offering. Seems Pittsburgers aren’t afraid of trying something different, especially when it’s proven to be a healthier alternative!

Next time you’re in South Park, why not shake things up a little bit and stop in and order your own Bison Burger? Maybe you’ll discover like so many others that you’ve found a new favorite meal!

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The Importance Of Taking The Family Out To Eat

“We’re going out to eat tonight”, one of the most pleasant phrases someone can hear at the end of the workday. Whether you’re a busy spouse with hungry children and an overworked partner to feed, or just someone who is frustrated with always trying to come up with a unique meal idea that everyone will like. Then there is all that effort. Gathering the ingredients required for the meal, preparing everything in a hot kitchen, presenting your creation to an unenthusiastic family, then, the cherry on the sundae…….you have to clean the pots, pans and dishes!

Meals have always been an American tradition, a time when the family can all sit down in one place at one time, enjoy food and conversation. The sad part is, this tradition is slowly dying. Often both spouses work, sometimes vastly different schedules. Little Billy has to skip dinner due to hockey practice or Sister Katie needs to be at the Brownie meeting no later than 6:00pm. It’s a fact of our busy lifestyle, dinner time with family is definitely on the Endangered Species List!

This is really a shame. Everyone is so caught up in email, personal computers, Ipod’s, and Twitter, but it seems we’ve all lost the fine art of real conversation and an enjoyable meal. Don’t get me wrong! I love my Ipod, my Facebook, and I don’t think I would be able to live without checking my email, but I’ve still found a way to preserve dinner and conversation with my family.

How? At least once a week, regardless of everything else going on in the hectic world around us, we go out to eat. It’s a requirement, a Family Date. Sometimes we choose a fine dining establishment, other times a pizza parlor, even our own BnDz Restaurant. The location really isn’t the main point. The time we set aside is. Everyone in the family looks forward to our weekly “date”. This doesn’t mean that we never eat at our dining room table. In fact, 9 times out of 10 we are all present at dinner. The results from going out are just…..better. Most likely it’s because all the pressure is off the chef: will everyone like what I just cooked? What a mess we have to clean up! And no Billy, you can’t be excused!

I suggest you give it a try. One night out of the week. Take your family out for a meal. You don’t have to break the bank to do this, but even if you did, and they all ordered the Surf & Turf at Chateau Wherever, you’ll look back on these precious family dates and perhaps come to the same realization that I did. Meals and Family are important.

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