The past year has really been absolutely amazing!  Not only did we outgrow our first website, creating a much larger, user friendly version of BnD’z.com, but now we’ve discovered that our blogging home here on wordpress has become a bit …..small.  It’s kind of like a young couple starting out, purchasing a two bedroom home.  Before you know it, the family keeps growing and growing and it’s time to find a bigger place!

We have a new, more robust blog that can be found on our website and would love to have all of our followers join us at our new home!  Simply follow this link to be taken to our new and improved blog site.  You will still find all of the archives from past articles here as well as the opportunity to read new posts.

Again, I really want to thank all of our followers for helping us grow so rapidly into one of Pittsburgh’s favorite burger and hot dog shops.  I sincerely hope you decide to follow us over to the new website so you can continue to grow with us!