Breakfast, when you “break” your “fast”. When I was in elementary school and my teacher explained the origin of the word I was amazed at the pure simplicity of it. Why couldn’t every word be so explanatory? It would have made classes more interesting…..and easier!

I also remember him touting the benefits of a daily breakfast: “This meal provides the fuel your body needs to get ready for the busy day ahead. Without it, you won’t accomplish as much.”

Back then, I took that comment with a grain of salt. I had plenty of energy! Now, thirty years on, I see Mr. Wayland in a whole new light. Just like everyone, I’ve woken up late before, (just once or twice….yeah, right) and I’ve had to skip my morning meal out of necessity. Not a good idea.

Right around mid morning my stomach would grumble, it would be harder to focus on the task at hand, and I would be counting the minutes until the lunch whistle would blow. Well, I’ve never worked anywhere that utilized an actual “lunch whistle”, but you get the idea.

Like the majority of the working class out there, I would rather get an extra fifteen minutes of sleep in the morning than spend time cooking a nice hearty breakfast. Luckily, there is a solution that will enable you to get those oh so precious additional moments of slumber while still being able to eat a hot breakfast. BandD’z is now open at 6:00 am offering perfect get me going meals!

Up until 10:00am Monday through Friday, we will be serving a wide variety of hot and fresh breakfast items: eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast as well as our customized breakfast sandwiches.

For those of us who can function without something in our bellies until lunch, we also have that magic potion that makes it all possible…….fresh coffee

So feel free to hit that snooze bar, maybe even twice, with confidence. We’ll be here waiting for you with the tastiest foods to fuel you for the day. You can even place an order for lunch and take it to work with you! All bosses love to see their employees eating at their desks while working through their lunch hours, which may come in handy down the road if you hit that snooze bar too many times and arrive at work a few minutes late. I wish Mr. Wayland would have taught me that trick back in third grade!

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