Breakfast, when you “break” your “fast”. When I was in elementary school and my teacher explained the origin of the word I was amazed at the pure simplicity of it. Why couldn’t every word be so explanatory? It would have made classes more interesting…..and easier!

I also remember him touting the benefits of a daily breakfast: “This meal provides the fuel your body needs to get ready for the busy day ahead. Without it, you won’t accomplish as much.”

Back then, I took that comment with a grain of salt. I had plenty of energy! Now, thirty years on, I see Mr. Wayland in a whole new light. Just like everyone, I’ve woken up late before, (just once or twice….yeah, right) and I’ve had to skip my morning meal out of necessity. Not a good idea.

Right around mid morning my stomach would grumble, it would be harder to focus on the task at hand, and I would be counting the minutes until the lunch whistle would blow. Well, I’ve never worked anywhere that utilized an actual “lunch whistle”, but you get the idea.

Like the majority of the working class out there, I would rather get an extra fifteen minutes of sleep in the morning than spend time cooking a nice hearty breakfast. Luckily, there is a solution that will enable you to get those oh so precious additional moments of slumber while still being able to eat a hot breakfast. BandD’z is now open at 6:00 am offering perfect get me going meals!

Up until 10:00am Monday through Friday, we will be serving a wide variety of hot and fresh breakfast items: eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast as well as our customized breakfast sandwiches.

For those of us who can function without something in our bellies until lunch, we also have that magic potion that makes it all possible…….fresh coffee

So feel free to hit that snooze bar, maybe even twice, with confidence. We’ll be here waiting for you with the tastiest foods to fuel you for the day. You can even place an order for lunch and take it to work with you! All bosses love to see their employees eating at their desks while working through their lunch hours, which may come in handy down the road if you hit that snooze bar too many times and arrive at work a few minutes late. I wish Mr. Wayland would have taught me that trick back in third grade!

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If you’ve never tried a Bison Burger, you really have no idea what you’re missing. Ok, agreed, it’s not your everyday run of the mill red meat, but in the big scheme of things I could argue it’s more common than say alligator or rattlesnake meat!

Actually, the popularity of meals including bison is definitely on the rise, and rightfully so. Our society is overflowing with carnivores who love juicy burgers and steak. There is also a rising number of consumers who religiously read food labels, only interested in consuming healthy and natural foods. This is where bison comes in!

Bison just may be the healthiest and safest red meat available, reason being, they are left to graze on their own, not being handled as frequently as cattle. This results in a more natural environment, which makes the meat very tender.  Also, no growth hormones are used, which is always something to consider when it comes to what you eat.   Add to this, the National Bison Association states the following:

As you can see, Bison actually has less fat and calories than even chicken!  Who would have thought???

BnD’z offers an incredible Bison Burger, a huge 8 oz patty cooked to taste with your choice of buns, cheeses, seasoning and sauces. Since these delicacies have been added to our menu of great burgers, hot dogs and salads it has consistently become our most popular offering. Seems Pittsburgers aren’t afraid of trying something different, especially when it’s proven to be a healthier alternative!

Next time you’re in South Park, why not shake things up a little bit and stop in and order your own Bison Burger? Maybe you’ll discover like so many others that you’ve found a new favorite meal!

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The Importance Of Taking The Family Out To Eat

“We’re going out to eat tonight”, one of the most pleasant phrases someone can hear at the end of the workday. Whether you’re a busy spouse with hungry children and an overworked partner to feed, or just someone who is frustrated with always trying to come up with a unique meal idea that everyone will like. Then there is all that effort. Gathering the ingredients required for the meal, preparing everything in a hot kitchen, presenting your creation to an unenthusiastic family, then, the cherry on the sundae…….you have to clean the pots, pans and dishes!

Meals have always been an American tradition, a time when the family can all sit down in one place at one time, enjoy food and conversation. The sad part is, this tradition is slowly dying. Often both spouses work, sometimes vastly different schedules. Little Billy has to skip dinner due to hockey practice or Sister Katie needs to be at the Brownie meeting no later than 6:00pm. It’s a fact of our busy lifestyle, dinner time with family is definitely on the Endangered Species List!

This is really a shame. Everyone is so caught up in email, personal computers, Ipod’s, and Twitter, but it seems we’ve all lost the fine art of real conversation and an enjoyable meal. Don’t get me wrong! I love my Ipod, my Facebook, and I don’t think I would be able to live without checking my email, but I’ve still found a way to preserve dinner and conversation with my family.

How? At least once a week, regardless of everything else going on in the hectic world around us, we go out to eat. It’s a requirement, a Family Date. Sometimes we choose a fine dining establishment, other times a pizza parlor, even our own BnDz Restaurant. The location really isn’t the main point. The time we set aside is. Everyone in the family looks forward to our weekly “date”. This doesn’t mean that we never eat at our dining room table. In fact, 9 times out of 10 we are all present at dinner. The results from going out are just…..better. Most likely it’s because all the pressure is off the chef: will everyone like what I just cooked? What a mess we have to clean up! And no Billy, you can’t be excused!

I suggest you give it a try. One night out of the week. Take your family out for a meal. You don’t have to break the bank to do this, but even if you did, and they all ordered the Surf & Turf at Chateau Wherever, you’ll look back on these precious family dates and perhaps come to the same realization that I did. Meals and Family are important.

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Aww, Mom, I Don’t Like Vegetables!

As a parent, how often have you heard those words from your children? Let me ask another question….when you were a youngster, how many times did those words come out of your mouth?  As adults, we’re all aware of the health benefits vegetables offer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we all take advantage of our greens.  Why is that?

Well, my opinion is a majority of this has to do with conditioning.  We remember how healthy foods were a requirement at all of our meals, whether it was from school lunches or to what our parents served us at the dinner table.  Who wouldn’t rather have pizza than broccoli? The funny thing is, as they say, with age comes wisdom.  We even learn to like, maybe even love, foods we steered away from when we were younger. A well made fresh salad can be even more delicious than pasta!

Vegetarian diets offer several benefits: lower intake of saturated fat, less cholesterol, higher intake of fiber as well as more vitamins and complex carbohydrates.  Plus, vegetables are grown from the earth!  They’ve been around forever, unlike The McRib!

Speaking of which, a well made Veggie Burger can be a masterpiece to behold, often tasting better than it’s meat filled equivalent (at least here at BandD’z!)  Healthy eating, specifically the vegetarian lifestyle, doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless.  Next time you have the option of pizza or a chicken parm sandwich, banish those childhood beliefs and consider a healthy vegetarian alternative.  There’s a good chance you may just realize, as is often the case, your parents knew what they were talking about!

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What Exactly Is Gluten Free?

“Gluten Free” is a term that seems to be getting thrown around quite a bit lately. Remember when everyone was talking about artificial sweeteners years back? Then it seemed that MSG grabbed the baton and became Public Enemy Number One. Nowadays, it’s definitely gluten, and for good reason.

Let me start by giving you a brief run down on what gluten actually is. Put simply, gluten is a protein found mainly in wheat as well as in barley and rye. So far it doesn’t sound so bad, right? The problem arises when it is used as an additive in other foods to enrich flavor or as a thickening agent in products such as ice cream, even condiments. This is when things can become a problem, especially if you, or someone you know, suffers from celiac disease.

Celiac disease is actually a disorder that can wreak havoc on one’s digestive system, even affecting the immune system, causing fatigue and ongoing illness. Studies state that 1 in every 105 people in the United States suffer from this affliction, crossing all age groups from children through the elderly.

Imagine, your spouse is required to be on a gluten free diet, which he or she follows diligently. You both go out to a restaurant, say for your anniversary, and even though the menu states the entree is “gluten free”, the roll that comes with it isn’t. You can see where this is going….

Here at BnDz, we take our gluten free seriously. When you come in and order a gluten free meal, you can rest assured that is exactly what you’ll get. Also, keep in mind, gluten free foods aren’t just for those that require this type of diet, but also for anyone who wants to eat healthy. Feel free to ask me or any of the staff about the wealth of options available when it comes to our “gluten less” menu!

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