All I can say is “Wow”! BnD’z hasn’t even been open for business for a year and we’ve been recognized by Urban Spoon as Pittsburgh’s most popular hot dog location. Can you even begin to imagine how proud I was when I was told about this honor late last week? I was actually speechless, it was really an awesome moment!

But, truth be told, this title wasn’t just bestowed upon BnD’z because the powers that be at thought we were a nice family restaurant. I was informed the criteria involved a whole laundry list of items: locations that received the most positive reviews, votes, website page views and media coverage, all from the last year. This tells me one thing, something I’ve been saying since we opened our doors to our first location in South Park……We Have The Best Customers In The City!

It’s a fact that we are truly blessed here at BnD’z. It’s all right there in the Urban Spoon article. Positive reviews? Those come from you, our loyal customers! Votes? I am so humbled that you have actually voted our little Burgerz & Dogz shop the best, it’s just amazing! Website page views? It looks like you actually enjoy checking out the site, possibly even reading my blogs, which is really flattering! Media coverage? Again, wow! You’ve really made BnD’z more successful more quickly than anyone ever could have imagined!

On behalf of my loyal managers Scott Abbey and Chris Miller, my talented staff who consistently impress me on a daily basis with their hard work, as well as myself, we want to say “Thank You!” We know we couldn’t win accolades like this without your continued support, and we’re committed to continue offering you the best selection of fresh burgers, hot dogs and vegetarian options in the ‘Burgh. Your positive feedback and stamp of approval means more than you could possibly imagine. Our promise to you, our loyal friends, is that we will continue to put you first!


Doug Baros

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