Your Customers Take Care Of You, You Need To Take Care Of Them

BandD'z Front CardBandD'z Back Card

I was really tired at the end of last week. Things have been hopping at BnD’z all summer and last week was no exception. I found myself running some clerical errands in the South Hills between the lunch and dinner rush and realized I was running on adrenaline, and the tank was getting very low. I pulled in to a well known, relatively local, convenience store to get gas in the car and to get myself some caffeine fuel.

Greeted by the cashier’s smiling face, I told her I only needed the coffee and some gasoline. She responded with “Do you have your loyalty card?” Maybe it was my energy depleted state, but it took me a few seconds to respond. “Uh….no, I don’t have one”. For some reason I felt a little ashamed about this.

“Would you like one?”

Loaded question there! I must have signed up for every rewards program known to man at some point. They’re always falling out of my wallet (never hung from my key chain), have taken up residence in my glove box, or found in the bottom of my washing machine having escaped from a forgotten back pocket. Did I really need another card? Before I could answer my own question, the pleasant clerk proceed to quickly, but politely, explain that not only was every tenth coffee free, I would receive  on future gas purchases as well as be eligible for cardholder-only weekly deals throughout the store.

Why, you ask, did I happily agree for another card? Simple. I frequent this particular chain of stores almost on a weekly basis. I really enjoy their coffee. I need gas in my car at least once a week, and they’ve always had better prices than their competitors. The staff is awesome, and the shop is always immaculate. Basically, I really  the place! That, and the fact that the cashier was able to explain the benefits of being a loyal customer in a speedy, sincere manner. It wasn’t a major life decision, and equated to a real value for me, the customer.

Pumping my gas, sipping my coffee, I thought about the reward card we offer at BandD’z. We implemented the program shortly after opening our first location, offering a free 8oz Beef or Veggie Burger with the purchase of ten. To say it’s been successful is a huge understatement. In fact, I’ve noticed that monthly we have consistently redeemed more and more of these cards. The number keeps growing. What does that really mean? Obviously, we must be doing something right, but more importantly it proves that we are blessed with an extremely loyal client base. Without your patronage, we couldn’t serve the best burgerz and dogz in the ‘Burgh, and for that I want to say “Thank You!”

If you haven’t received your BandD’z Loyalty Card, just stop in and ask! If you haven’t tried any of our delicious, fresh offerings yet, swing by and see what everyone’s talking about. We’re conveniently located in South Park and would love to meet some new friends!

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